Learn ballet


バレエ公演鑑賞会や新国立劇場バレエ団、Kバレエカンパニー 他、こどものための舞台鑑賞の機会を積極的に設けております。

バレエ・ダンスの専門会社のマーティだからこそ、スタジオには、バレエ情報やダンス情報があふれています。 所属講師の公演情報・特別クラスやワークショップ情報をいち早く配信し、 通常レッスンだけでなく、色々なイベントや舞台企画を通じて、バレエの事を学べる環境を整えています。 ご両親様と一緒に実際にバレエ公演を見に行き、バレエに接する機会を多く設けています。

バレエは、言葉を使わず踊りだけで物語を表現するため、マイムという台詞がわりのジェスチャー(しぐさ)や表情を使って表現をします。 誰しも、見たこともないものを実践することなどできません。まずはバレエとはどういうものなのかを「見て」心を動かされる経験をすることが大切となります。 マーティでは、大人も子供も通えるスタジオ運営を心掛けており、多くの大人バレエ愛好家にも通って頂いています。




We are proactively providing opportunities for children to appreciate stage performances such as ballet performances, the New National Theater Ballet Company, K Ballet Company and others.

Because Marty is a ballet dance company, the studio is filled with ballet and dance information.

We will provide information on performances, special classes and workshops of the instructors who belong to us as soon as possible, and we have created an environment where you can learn about ballet through not only regular lessons but also various events and stage planning. We have many opportunities to go to ballet performances with our parents and get in touch with them.

Ballet expresses a story only by dancing without using words, so we use mime as a substitute gesture and facial expression. No one can practice what they have never seen. First of all, it is important to have a moving experience by "seeing" what ballet is. At Marty, we strive to run a studio that adults and children can attend, and many adult ballet enthusiasts also attend.

There are not only child-centered school presentations, but also stages where adults and children can appear together, and some people actually appear as parents and children.

We are promoting the development of a ballet environment that can be enjoyed by parents and children of three generations through stage appreciation, adult ballet and school management.

We hope that both parents and children will be able to experience various emotions by watching something, not just ballet, and enriching emotional expressions.