Special lesson & workshop


特別レッスン・ワークショップ バレエダンスのマーティだからこそ様々な講師招いて国内 海外のベスト講師によるWS担当講師以外の 講師レッスンを受けられる機会があります。
作品の主役を踊ってこられたプリンシパルやソリストの方が特別にWS開催してくれる 貴重な体験ができます。


バレエの基礎がしっかりしてきて、理解力もついてくると いろいろな先生から学ぶことは、とても踊りの幅も広がりますので機会があれば是非どんどん受講してください。

Because Marty is a ballet dancer, we have the opportunity to invite various instructors to take instructor lessons from domestic and overseas best instructors other than WS instructors. The principals and soloists who danced the protagonist of the work will have a special experience of holding a special WS.

There are various methods (schools) in ballet, and the points to be particularly conscious, careful,
and careful are different, so it is also significant to receive guidance from a teacher other than the teacher who is usually learning.

The lessons taught by talented teachers include one of the ways of hand movement, foot movement, face movement, and rhythm.
The instructor, who was conducting lessons in an environment where dancers from various countries gathered, teaches students all over the world in simple expressions so that they are not oblivious to the background, level, or language of the students.

As the basics of ballet improve and your understanding increases, learning from various teachers will broaden the range of dance, so if you have the opportunity, please take more and more lessons.